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Meet Maarten, a dynamic force whose journey from an energetic skateboarder to a diverse athlete encompassed speed skating, football, and mountain biking. With aspirations for the Olympic Games in Athens 2004 as a mountain biker, Maarten’s pursuit of excellence led him to the realization that physical training alone is not the sole path to success.

Beyond the trails, Maarten’s intellectual journey took flight, culminating in a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Engineering, specializing in innovation management in 2003. This educational milestone marked a turning point, propelling him to fully commit to his cycling career.

Post the Olympic qualification period, Maarten recognized the need for a strategic shift, steering his focus toward road cycling for a sustained future in sports. Acknowledging the pivotal role of mental resilience, he delved into Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) under the mentorship of Bouke de Boer. This shift proved instrumental, propelling him to the position of 1st reserve for the Olympics.

Balancing an 83 kg physique in the challenging Tour de France demands not just physical strength but unwavering mental fortitude. Maarten’s journey reached new heights when he secured a remarkable 3rd place in Paris Roubaix in 2011, a testament to his exceptional physical and mental resilience.

Retiring in 2016 with 11 grand tours under his belt, Maarten didn’t conclude his mental training journey. Specializing in NLP, he earned certifications as a practitioner, master practitioner, and coach—solidifying his status as a seasoned professional.

Coaching with Maarten is inspiring. His daily coaching and training sessions with professionals and executives incorporate metaphors from his life as a rider.

‘Connect to What Truly Matters’

“Connect to what truly matters,” Maarten emphasizes. In his perspective, the mind, not the body, dictates limits. His career is a living testament to the idea that mental resilience is as trainable as physical strength. To stretch your boundaries, Maarten believes you must connect with what truly matters in life. Whether it’s understanding the essence of trust or unlocking the mental aspects of your potential, Maarten is here to guide you.

In 2016, Maarten earned his NLP Coach degree, pushing on to maximize potential with his clients through discovering the mental aspect!

Curious about how Maarten can help you tap into your mental strengths? Reach out and email Maarten at Your journey to unlocking your full potential begins here.


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