Life is sometimes just like Topsport. How do you reach your maximal potential, in your life?


Maarten has realised all his results in cooperation with his coaches throughout his career. Since he was a kid, he has been constantly on the move towards progression. First with support of his parents, teachers and later his trainers and coaches, even a financial coach. Maarten knows very well how to realise his potential but sometimes a bird’s eye view every once in a while is very welcome. Feedback only makes you stronger!

Life goes by so quickly… If you truly want to realise what you want, in harmony you’re your surroundings and aligned with your values, a coach is a valuable asset. Someone who can help you reflecting on your personal process, who can help you set out your dream into a path that is realisable. That first step and little success towards any goal, to fuel your pride and activate your motivation. Maarten is a remarkable coach that gets you right back to your motivation, inspiration and ground that into your identity.

What to expect

Coaching is an individual and creative personal process lead by your wishes and needs. Boxed in by your qualities and capabilities. To get his clients up the road fast and secure he designed the Griinta model. Two points stand central in the model:

  1. The goal! Set out your goal that comes from the hart. He knows what it is to set goals for yourself, especially when working in a team. How can you perform in the team if you don’t take care of yourself? So start there. As an example, Maarten says: The Posbank (the mountain (80m) near Arnhem his former home), is his Alpe d’Huez. When you go up that hill 30 times you have the same altitude meters as the Alpe.. when you consist, eventually you’ll realise a grand result. In his last grand tour, the Giro d’Itala he managed to get the mountain jersey in his hometown by sprinting to the first place on the Posbank. If you start small, staying close to yourself and you’re capabilities, your result is sweet! So, focus on that what you can realise instead of only dreaming about the bigger things.
  2. Celebration! Success is only successful when you celebrate it! In sports there is the podium, to stand on it shows the world how good you really performed and gives you the opportunity to get the first gratitude and fuel for your pride. Creating that podium sensation is what celebration is about! How do you feel when you set out for a new goal with this motivation?


“Through Maarten’s coaching I learned to look at my future starting from my dream, a whole different perspective than I had before. His support gave me confidence and insights, such as failure doesn’t exist, there is only feedback, and I have everything in me to be successful.”  Store Manager, European sportshop


Griinta Coachmodel;

This model shows how coaching with Maarten is. The road plan is designed to standardise the coaching. The results are stunning and unique to all clients! Griinta is an Italian cycling slang for conviction and the will to continue to be successful, with a touch of Tjallingii.

Griinta English 


The coaching process

  1. Intake

The intake is like the warming up in sports. You get to know Maarten and vice versa. After this session you decide about continuing the traject. Your background, your goal and where you stand are the results of this intake. Mostly the coaching is built up of 5 to 10 sessions.

  1. Setting your Personal coaching Goal

Together with Maarten you start with setting up your goal. This can be anything, from a dream to a realisation of something, a sports goal or a personal development goal. This stands central for the rest of the sessions. The first step is setting yourself in motion. Sometimes this means standing still at what keeps you away from what you truly want. Setting a goal is setting your emotion, and that is the result of the 1st session.

  1. Plan and Action

Setting yourself in (e)motion with your clear goal! Let your imagination create the path that has always been there but you never had the courage to take serious action! Follow your dream and look at what you can do to make it happen. Maarten will take you along that road with active sessions, mentally and physically, using different techniques:

    • Timelines
    • Visualisations (K, V, A en D)
    • Constellations
    • Evaluation and feedback
    • Goals-setting
    • Beatsons Neurological Levels
    • Communication model of NLP
    • Riding or walking, making use of what the surroundings have to give.
  1. Realising your success and fuelling your pride

How do you want to celebrate your victory? Creating that podium feeling will make you eager again. By standing still and really expecting that feeling you will inspire yourself to get out there and go again.

  1. Dream to continue

Activating your dreams bings new motivation and create a broader horizon. By celebrating your success you start identifying yourself with your success and becoming that what person you have always wanted to be. From having an experience to becoming that experience!

Good to know

Maarten takes you along outside on your bike, on a hike/ walk or even a run. Being outside opens your perspective, your horizon and takes away of limiting boundaries we create while being inside. Taking you out of your head into your body creating convictions and letting go of destructive patters. Creating the 2.0 version of yourself.


Let’s have that intake!


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