Portret van Maarten

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Max W


Favorite race

Parijs Roubaix

Favorite MTB Race

Houffalize Worldcup XC or Cape Epic Cant choose ;-)

Favorite Bike Road

Trek Domane SLR 7

Favorite MTB

Trek SuperCaliber XC

Married (Petra)

With Children (Sven and Nina)


Bringing people in to movement. Answering the question, what moves you?


Everyone has a 'topsport mentality'
Portret van Maarten
Portret van Maarten

The mind gives up, the body only sends signals.

I was fighting to stay in the wheel, it felt like everyone was against me. My whole body was sore, my legs filled with lactic acid, my bike felt like it was dragging over the asphalt and my components where turning against me, smelling my sweat of fear. Fear of losing my jersey, virtually i had already lost it, but in real life i was still wearing it. The mountain was long, the gradient was 4%. I got this far because of the downhills, every day we had to digest the climbs. After that the reward was a long and swift descent to the finish.

Stories are metaphors of life. I use stories to coach you to the next level. Feel free to drop your question in an email or a message!

Movement Matters

Focus, Meaning, Action

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Portret van Maarten

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