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Recovery week 3: One Crutch

My first attempt to spin my legs wasn’t a great success and I realize by now it’s going to be a time filled with ‘first-times’; my first attempt to ride, my first training outdoors and eventually my first RACE in the ‘post-broken-hip’ era. I tend to have a positive attitude and so I started counting down the weeks to the Vuelta. Four. Ouch, even with exceptional improvement it would come a bit too early.

But who knows what’s in there for the end of the season. Cor van Panhuis (fysiotherapist) and Anton Kingma (trainer) are keeping a close watch on my recovery. Both are astonished by the progress I’ve made. It’s been only 2,5 weeks since the surgery and the mobility of the joint is next to normal and pain free. Cor made me walk on a treadmill and allowed me to start walking with one crutch, and if possible without! Yes. And for all the cycling fans reading my blog: to ride my wife’s GIANT Triple X around the block.

Because that doesn’t fill my days I spend some time at Bikram Yoga Arnhem too. ‘Never too bad, never too old, never too sick to start from scratch and begin again’ says Bikram Choudhury. And so it went that I took my first class in week two. Yes, I did need someone to drive me there, to carry my mat and I needed my crutches to get into the yoga room. But lying on my mat the heat never felt more rewarding. Robert and Elwin are great support in the process adjusting postures and slowing me down where needed. It’s all about connecting with my body, and my hip in particular. Progress is instant and I’ve been taking class every other day since.

Gotta go now!


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  1. 23 juli, 2012
    Hi Maarten, opnieuw beginnen. Soms moeilijk, maar dan ook extra blij, wanneer je merkt dat je weer die bewegingen kan maken waar je vroeger niet over hoefde na te denken! Tot dat ze straks, na oefenen weer zonder er bij na te denken, vanzelf gaan. Maar daarna zul je je regelmatig realiseren dat je af en toe extra kunt genieten van gewoon lopen en fietsen! Sterkte met je weg terug! Marijke Beantwoorden


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